The Dale City Christians believe that every member is a minister especially a minister of evangelism.  By example, invitation, and gifts, there is a way for every member to attract someone to Christ Jesus.  Periodically, members are invited to participate in training to use specific teaching tools designed to help sinners come to salvation.

Among the evangelism works being conducted by the congregation are personal bible studies, group bible studies with three senior citizens groups, and the weekly sermons always present the gospel and how the Lord says a sinner should respond to it.

Additional outreach is conducted via tracts, bible correspondence courses, and references to the congregational website and other websites that proclaim the good news of salvation.

If you are not a member of churches of Christ and you are seeking a church home, we will be happy to share with you how to become a member by following scripture only.  We do not have a man-made creed nor any denominational rules nor rulings to determine membership.  Membership is determined by the relationship a person has with Christ Jesus. He is the one who "...added to their number daily those who were being saved."

Acts 2:47 (KJV).